Quality Control

ensuring you get the best results!

Our staff is trained to meet the highest industry standards of quality control


Sorting Efficiency

Ten percent of the whole sample number will be resorted with an expectation of > ninety percent efficiency in the sorting process. A re-sort report will be sent separately.





Taxonomic Efficiency/Taxonomic Precision

An externally verified reference collection is maintained by Cordillera Consulting. Any new specimens are sent away to experts of that taxon and the collection is reviewed every five years.

When Taxonomic QA/QC is requested, ten percent of the samples will be re-identified by another taxonomist. Accepted metrics to measure the degree of accuracy and agreement by two taxonomists will be calculated and included in the projects report

Subsampling Efficiency

Sub-Sampling efficiency is performed by fractioning the entire sample into sub-sample percentages. On each sub-sampled portion, a total organism count is recorded and compared to the rest of the sub-samples. In order to pass, all fractions must be within twenty percent of total organism count. This is performed on ten percent of the fractioned samples in a project.