Regions Served

Over the years Cordillera has been privileged enough to work closely with federal and provincial governments and agencies, such as: Environment Canada, Provincial environment ministries (British Columbia, Ontario, Yukon and Newfound land), Forestry, and Fisheries and Oceans departments, Parks Canada. Cordillera also routinely works with the private sector including aboriginal bands, mining corporations, oil and gas companies, independent consulting firms and universities.

Cordillera Consulting has experience processing benthic samples from all types of freshwater habitats from all across Canada. Annually Cordillera is able to complete roughly 100 different projects ranging in size from just a single sample to hundreds of samples in a project. The approximate number of samples processed from each province of Canada annually is shown in the density map. Cordillera prides itself on its knowledge of many provincial laboratory practices and nationally required methods such as CABIN.

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