Founded in 1997, Cordillera has grown to become a prominent supplier of freshwater taxonomic data to federal and provincial governments, and private agencies across Canada. Cordillera has a staff of 8 permanent employees including five taxonomists certified by the Society of Freshwater Science.

Cordillera’s taxonomists and technicians are up to date with the most current taxonomic keys and QA/QC requirements to meet all of our clients needs. All phases of sample reception, handling, processing, taxonomy, data handling, and metric calculations are subjected to rigorous quality assurance procedures.

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Currently, Cordillera processes over 2500 samples each year from all across Canada with approximately 85% of our samples coming from BC, Alberta and the Yukon.

Cordillera has been involved with the CABIN program since 2003. From 2013, Cordillera has processed close to 1200 CABIN samples annually, including QA/QC reporting and entering data into the online CABIN database.

We have experience in processing samples from all types of freshwater bodies, from lakes to rivers, wetlands to creeks. We routinely process samples using a number of protocols including EEM (Environmental Effects Monitoring) for Mining, CABIN, IBI, and customized processing procedures to suit the needs of the environment or jurisdiction your project is a part of.