Sample Submission

Cordillera will work with you to meet your project needs. Rather than a first come first serve approach or planning data delivery with a standard turnaround time, we recognize the uniqueness of each project and sampling sites so we have chosen to prioritize projects based on your reporting deadlines.

We are able to provide quotes and accept samples all year round.

When submitting projects please contact the lab ahead of time to schedule delivery.

We ask that the following downloadable forms are completed and returned either with the shipment or prior to sample arrival.

  1. Project Submission form – This will provide the lab with your contact information and any unique requirements that your project has so we ensure your instructions are followed.
  2. Chain of Custody – This provides the lab with the list of samples being delivered so we can ensure your shipment is intact. All samples are provided a unique laboratory identification number (CC#) when they arrive to the lab.

Staff are willing to assist with any questions you may have regarding sample submission or shipping.

Project Submission From COC Form