Cordillera Consulting has a team of taxonomists with SFS Certifications as well as a team of sorting technicians. We are experienced in processing samples from all parts of Canada and from lakes, large and small rivers, wetlands. We currently process over 2500 samples per year in this lab.

We offer the following services:

  • Benthic taxonomy for CABIN protocol
  • Benthic taxonomy for EEM protocol
  • Zebra/Quagga mussel analysis
  • Zooplankton sample analysis
  • Biomass – wet weight, dry weight, length- weight regression
  • Fish Stomach content analysis
  • Reference collections
  • Custom designed protocol to suit your project

Cordillera Consulting is committed to providing the most current protocols for benthic sample processing. We will work with you to meet the needs of your projects.

All projects at Cordillera will be subject to 10% resorting to assess sorting efficiency and other QAQC protocols are available on request (Subsampling QAQC for EEM requirements, and Taxonomic QAQC)

Cordillera sorting and taxonomy teams include only CABIN specified organisms in our counts. The following organisms are excluded from our counts and are only enumerated at special requests from clients.

Cladocera , Copepoda , Ostracoda, Nemata, Non-aquatic taxa , Porifera , Platyhelminthes
These organisms have been found to be either not generally benthic, are poorly sampled using common techniques or can be found in too great of numbers that they severely bias a sample.