Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome friends, colleagues, clients and happy blog readers! We hope you are enjoying the new layout of our website Cordilleraconsulting.ca. Now that the “bugs” are all worked out, we are excited to announce that Cordillera Consulting will be joining the active world of social media!

It is our deepest hope that using these tools we will be able to increase our collaboration and interaction with the wide world of freshwater ecology. Our goal for this blog will be to engage and inform the public about our company’s services, staff and events; as well as to share interesting videos and fun facts about freshwater organisms. The best part, is that this blog will be shared on our FacebookTwitter and Google plus feeds as well. So no matter your media of choice, we hope you will enjoy reading along and getting to know Cordillera Consulting!

For more information on Cordillera, our services or to request blog topics please contact Brie at briematier@cordilleraconsulting.ca